Company history



Granit was founded in 1968 by Alina and Henryk Świderski. The company name, synonymous with hardness and durability, was chosen in response to - and as a reflection of - the owners’ experience of taking the first steps setting up the company under the tough conditions of the socialist regime.


Initially the company dealt solely with assembling markers, felt tip pens and pen cartridges. As time passed and customer demands changed, new writing products - rollerball pens, fine tip pens, corrector pens and various other types of marker pens - appeared.


At the same time, a tool room was being developed, allowing for the rapid repair and production of moulds and, if required, the repair of tools.


The building of a new production facility in 1990 allowed for increase in production capacity and improvement in product quality. The first automatic production line for felt tip pens/markers was purchased in 1997, marking the first step in a long-term programme of transition from manual to automated assembly production. Other noteworthy investments included: modern computer-controlled injection moulding machines from the German company Arburg and Polish company Ponar Żywiec.


Subsequent expansion of the production facility, further work on new products, and the automation of the production process led to a multitude of clients both domestically and beyond Poland’s borders. Export currently constitutes over 38% of total production, with products sold in such countries as the UK, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. Granit also boasts sales of its own components for the production of rollerball pens in India.


Our personnel’s many years of professional experience allows us to implement cutting edge technologies and make use of only superior quality raw materials and components, ensuring that our products meet high European standards. As a result, Granit cooperates not only with clients in the school and office industry, but also with clients in such demanding sectors as pharmaceuticals and food.


Today GRANIT is one of the largest manufacturers of writing instruments in Poland specialising in the production of different types of marker pens.


Our willingness to take on new challenges and suggestions has allowed us to offer the manufacture of various types of articles with the brand name of the client.

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